About me

Hi, I'm Mae Burrows, a full time firefighter/ paramedic. On my days off from the firehouse I design and make clothes. I draw my own clothes, make my own patterns and sew everything myself in Savannah Georgia USA. I started Pangs Apparel after I was hospitalized for coronavirus in 2020. After I recovered I began sewing masks for my community. Ever since I could remember, it has always been my dream to make clothes. I have been drawing/designing ever since I was a kid. Once my mother scolded me for cutting up one of her skirts and trying to make a dress out of it, as a result I was enrolled in sewing school on the weekends - while my siblings and cousins were busy playing piano, soccer or doing dance, I was sewing.

Life, love, art, attraction, fashion, beauty, fitness etc... are not competitions- comparing ones self to others is not good for you or for others around you. We were not made to compare and compete with each other- we should all encourage and admire one another - be compassionate not only with others, but also with ourselves. All we can do is accept who we are and try our best at whatever it is we do.

I believe clothing should make you look, feel and be the best you that you can be. Have confidence in who you are and in the clothes you wear.